You can get an understanding of the different types of dental orthodontic work Dr. Joseph Basile provides with these before-and-after photos. As a three time Best Dentist Award Winner, our orthodontist has been recognized for his outstanding work, and you can rest assured that your orthodontic treatment will be just as outstanding because that is what you deserve. We look forward to providing orthodontic care in Prior Lake, Minnesota, in the most gentle and applicable way possible. It is our pleasure to answer any further questions you may have; just contact our friendly office team at Prior Lake Orthodontics and Basile Orthodontics. We look forward to your visit with our caring orthodontist and team!

Case Study #1
This pleasant lady came to our office concerned about her large gaps and a missing molar tooth. She had existing bone and gum problems. With careful and well-managed tooth movement, we were able to close the gaps and actually improve her gum and bone health. We worked with her general dentist to achieve this end goal and prepare her bite for a dental implant for the missing tooth. This lady is visibly more self-assured and confident, and she readily flashes her new smile.

Case Study #2
This young man was concerned with his “fangs” and overall crowding. We were able to give him an ideal bite without removing any of his permanent teeth. Our office aims to create the most stable orthodontic outcome whether tooth removal is necessary or not. This treatment philosophy is in the best interest of the patient.

Case Study #3
SEVERE overbite and overjet, biting into the roof of his mouth. Significant crowding of the upper and lower jaws. Patient needed extractions of two upper pre-molars to create room to align his teeth, and to make the middle of his upper and lower teeth line up.

Case Study #4
This is a great case. She had a very crowded bite that didn’t fit together well. Her canine teeth, especially on the left, were very out of line. Her two laterals, next to her two upper front teeth, were very small in comparison to the other teeth. After getting her teeth and bite aligned, she went to the dentist to have those two small teeth built up for a very cosmetically appealing finish.

Case Study #5
She had an excessive overbite and spaces between her front teeth. The middle of her upper and lower teeth also did not line up.

Case Study #6
The upper and lower teeth did not fit together well due to a narrow upper arch. Her two upper lateral teeth were not the same size, the one on the right being very small. After having her teeth and bite aligned, she visited a dentist to have her lateral teeth made the same size and create a beautiful finish.

Case Study #7
Upper and lower dental crowding resulted in an upper right tooth biting inside a lower right tooth, ultimately causing the teeth to wear. Also, the upper left canine tooth is very high and out of alignment with the rest of the teeth. Upper and lower teeth don’t bite together well, and the middle of upper arch was off to the left. Finished with an ideal bite and alignment.

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