Part of your braces treatment includes taking care of your appliance; however, our team at Prior Lake Orthodontics understands that accidents happen, and you may end up needing some repairs to your braces. Whether you have a loose bracket or broken wire, it is important that your braces get repaired as quickly as possible. For some cases, you may be able to fix your braces at home; in other situations, you will need to visit our office. If you require braces repairs in Prior Lake, Minnesota, contact us right away at 952-447-6088.

While braces are made of durable metal and wire, it is possible to damage your braces during your treatment period if you are not careful. There are a variety of common issues that our patients come across during their treatment. If you experience any damage to your braces, it is important to care for them right away. You may be able to repair your braces at home, but more severe damage may require professional help from our orthodontist. To help you know what to do if your braces are damaged, we invite you to review the following issues and repairs:

  • Loose band or bracket: the band is the piece of metal that wraps around one of your molars on either side of your mouth. The bracket is what is on the front surface of your tooth, where the wire runs through. If either of these become loose but are still attached to the wire, leave it alone and cover it with wax to prevent it from poking your soft tissue. If the bracket or band is completely off, place it in an envelope or sealable bag and bring it to our office, where it can be reattached.
  • Archwire out of a back bracket: the archwire is the main wire that runs across your teeth and through the brackets. If this comes out of a back bracket, which is on your molars, use tweezers or small pliers to push the wire back into place. If the archwire keeps coming out of place, you can cut the wire with small wire cutters or nail clippers; be sure to clip it behind the last tooth to which it is attached. Place wax on the end if it continues to poke your soft tissue.
  • Door to a bracket is open: simply push the wire back into its proper place and close the door of the bracket with your finger. If it keeps opening, talk to our orthodontist.
  • Irritated soft tissue from poking wire: try moving the wire away from your soft tissue (i.e.: lips or cheek) by gently pushing against it with an eraser or cotton swab. If the wire does not move, you can place some wax on the end. If the wire is causing greater pain that discomfort, you can cut the wire with sterilized scissors or nail clippers. If irritation persists, talk to our orthodontist.

To help you know about how you can quickly and easily repair your braces, you can watch the following videos. For further instructions, you can contact our office and talk with our friendly team.

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